Korean《Takase River》
Korean《Takase River》

Korean《Takase River》

Publication date: 2006/05/02

A formal experiment to capture lyrical thoughts on life and death in the modern day, enter the second period!

After releasing Farewell to the Departed, Hirano shocked his readers by changing tracks. The title work lyrically depicts a night spent together by a man and a woman in a setting reminiscent of I-novels, delicately placing the act of making love as a part of the process of communication. The short story Memory is about a father’s death that can’t be remembered, using metaphors that are repeated and restructured. In Shimizu, the solitude of existence is depicted vividly with the backdrop of an illusory background.
Hyokai uses a novel way of storytelling, with each page split into the top and bottom of the page. The story is about the small misunderstandings between a boy who has lost his mother, and a woman who commits adultery.
These short stories give the strong impression of the author’s lyricism and talent.


First Appearance

Takase River(『Gunzo』2003/1)
Memory(『21Seiki bungakunosouzou9 kotobanotakurami』)
Hyokai (『Shincho』2003/2)