12《The Transparent Labyrinth》
12《The Transparent Labyrinth》
12《The Transparent Labyrinth》

12《The Transparent Labyrinth》

Publication date: 2014/06/30

A title story inspired by Edvard Munch’s etchings and other stories define Hirano’s direction in his fourth period.

Captive in a foreign land, a man and woman are forced to “make love” to each other as a spectacle. When they return home, they try to overwrite the tragic memory with “true love,” the conclusion presents a real twist. The titular story The Transparent Labyrinth takes form in a symbol of Hirano’s fourth period. The six stories in this collection delicately tell the tale of those who don’t fit into society with pathos and humor. In Re: Yoda’s Request, the sense of time after a disaster becomes a fanciful notion, while The Missing Honeybees reveals the surprising secret of a lonely postal worker. This polished work boasts rich narratives and profoundly subtle characters, breaking new ground in Hirano’s storytelling.


First Appearance

The Missing Honeybees(『Waseda Bungaku』2014年/Autumn)
A man who came to look for in hawaii(2013/11、Distribution at Isetan Shinjuku Event)
The Transparent Labyrinth(『Shincho』2014/2)
family affair(『Shincho』2013/10)
Fire Amber(『Bungakukai』2014/3「man love fire」Changed Tiltle)
Re: Yoda’s Request(『Shincho』2013/7)