Korean《Ripples of the Dripping Clocks》
Korean《Ripples of the Dripping Clocks》

Korean《Ripples of the Dripping Clocks》

Publication date: 2008/02/01

In a continuation of his previous works, Hirano’s criticisms of 2000s-era society become harsher, expanding and deepening.

In The Final Metamorphosis, a young boy's monologue depicts the struggles of the lost generation in an overlap of his own circumstances with those of Kafka's The Metamorphosis. Les Petites Passions grips with a flood of nostalgia for self-destructive reveries. Told through the medium of palindromic poems, The Trapped Boy is caught in a web of irreparable sins, while The Computer of Babel is a contemporary revival of Borges. With rich imagination and overflowing with novel expressions, The First Seven Days is a gem of classical tranquility, realizing the vision of reconciliation between a father and son. This is a treasure trove of potential forming the core of Hirano's second period.


First Appearance

Daytime(『Yomiuri Newspepar Osaka』Morning newspaper 2003/4/8)
The First Seven Days(『Bungakukai』2003/6)
Rare event(『Gunzo』2003/11)
The Trapped Boy(『Gunzo』2003/11)
les pettites Passions(『Gunzo』2003/11)
The Final Metamorphosis(『Shincho』2003/9)
The Computer of Babel (『Bungakukai』2004/1)